About us

"The Art of Making Cymbals" is an ancient Anatolian trade which was perfected by Armenian Masters. This ancient art starts around early 17th century during Ottoman Empire. And still continues with the same hand crafted prosess as hundreds years ago. That traditional style gives each “Turkish Cymbal” its unique sound. This art requires experinced masters who can feel the spirit of the cymbal. It’s a long journey to becoming a cymbal master. Now in Turkey we have third generation masters.

Pergamon Cymbals was founded by third generation masters, Saadettin KOÇ, Özkan GÜNDÜZALP and Hakan FİDAN. They have more than 50 years of experince combined making cymbals. They made many awarded cymbals. They know exactly what musicians want. Cymbal making is not a job for these three masters, but a passion.

Pergamon Cymbals wants to create different sounds and different styles. The slogan is” All drummers and percussionists can find their own sound on Pergamon Cymbals. We believe that job of making cymbals is not done untill a drummer plays it with passion. Pergamon Cymbals are forged by passion and each Pergamon will be played with passion.

Pergamon Cymbals care about allowing musicians to find their own sound on Pergamon. Our work is all about music which means transforming rythm into joy. Our joy starts with production process and reaches its climax when people listen to its sound.